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Community Affairs Policy

communityHENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD plan and execute all its activities in compliance with the following guidelines:

Hire local labour whenever possible in order to assist in stimulating the economy of the host community where it operates.
Discourage/resist extortion from any community and report any such behaviour  promptly to our client’s representatives.
Hire workers to fill only legitimate positions.
Independently show high sense of commitment to the communities where it operates, employ members of the community as liaison officers between ourselves and the communities.
A senior staff representative will be appointed to hold discussions and promote good relations with communities.

Organize meetings with client’s representative on community related issues prior to commencement of all activities.  Periodic reviews will be carried out.  Hire security personnel from the community where it operates by such security personnel will be under adequate supervision by out key staff.
Develop its own security plant in consultation with client’s security guidelines to cover all field activities.

Corporate Policies

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