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Quality Assuarance Policy

qualityIt is the policy of the company to provide services that satisfy the customer’s needs and meet the specified quality requirements that are in accordance with the contractual specification, Codes and statutory requirements.

In achieving the quality system goals, the company places importance on the tracing and elimination of causes of errors and problems with emphasis on prevention rather than correction.  By so doing we achieve high quality at low cost.

To yield the required customers satisfaction and hence corporate goals, the company unavoidably decided to implement an efficient quality management system based on BS EN 150 9001 and other standards/codes to improve the quality of operations and bring rendering of qualitative services with added value, efficiency and effectiveness.

The management is to determined and ensure that the quality system requirement, work methods procedures, codes and regulation are adhered to by all personnel, ensuring proper training and dissemination of information instruction and philosophies for all staff.

In monitoring and ensuring proper maintenance of the quality system as related to all company activities, a Quality Assurance officer shall be appointed representative on all quality maters.  All heads and supervisors are mandatory responsible for the development and adherence to quality assurance system relating to all activities over which the exercise control.  Regular audits will be adopted to ensure effective quality system.

I authorize the use of the policy and quality system outlines above to achieve our set corporate objective.

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