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Consultancy Services

HENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD offer consultancy services mainly on environmental management. Having high-skilled professionals with vast experience in the oil & gas industry, HENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD is a sure home to get your consultations on environmental management.

These services are further divided into:

  • Oil Spill Cleaning
  • Bio-remediation of polluted soil
  • Gas Flare prevention / protection

Oil Spill-cleaning: Whether it’s containment, recovery or disposal, HENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD has what you need for your oil spill response situation. Our highly skilled consultants will proffer the best solution for your oil-spill clean-up.  Our extensive range of products include oil skimmers, containment boom, fire boom, incinerators, trailer mounted vacuum systems, dispersant application equipment and power packs

Bioremediation of polluted soil:  Bio-Remediation (a simple, safe, natural method of cleaning up hydrocarbon contamination which is less expensive than other technologies and whose regular use eliminates future contamination) is the most significant breakthrough in petroleum hydrocarbon spill cleanup in the last 20 years. HENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD is an unquestioned leader in this exciting technology. Our products which include remediact (dry compound formulation of selected microbes for the remediation of ground contamination) and Liquid remediact are available.

HENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD Bio-Remedial Products are proven safe and effective. 

Gas Flare Prevention/Protection: HENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD is also a leader in gas flare prevention and protection. We are dedicated to employing the best technologies available around the globe to protect and prevent gas flare

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