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Management Services

HENCHRIS BEL NIGERIA LTD offers managerial services which are geared towards assisting project owners in project review from design review through to execution and commissioning. We also monitor the compliance with projects specification as the project progresses.

Our management services are sub-divided into:

  • Project Quality Management
  • Supervision and Offshore site inspections
  • Technical Assistance

Project Quality Management

Our operations are carried out in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management systems. We are therefore capable of using experience to ensure projects are executed in accordance with established quality management principles and systems. This gives confidence that project deliverables are not only achieved, but meet owner’s requirements and specifications on schedule.

We will establish or cause the contractor(s) to establish a project quality plan consistent with owner’s operations, procedures and owner’s quality organization. This will be achieved through trained Quality Auditors.

Supervision and Offshore-site Inspections

In order to have adequacy on all resources on site and ensure that project executions conform to owner’s specifications, we will send experienced, trained and skillful personnel to the contractor’s site. This service is applicable in any of the situations stated below:

  • Vessel or Ship Location
  • Size and Quantity of products to be determined on sitting
  • Movement of Pumping Equipment
  • Documentation

Technical Assistance

An experienced Engineers and specialist will be seconded on projects to work with the owners Technical Team and /or Management. These include Operations Engineers, Chemical and Technicians, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Managers and a Supervisor, as the project requires.

Corporate Policies

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